Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey God, Part II...

So, last night I had to complete my first of two mandatory supervisions for school. I signed up for soccer supervision for my first one, and I didn't think when I signed up that it was the first Thursday in October so I was going to miss Mom Connection. To top it off, they told us not to bring our kids with to our mandatory supervision duties, so I wasn't going to get to see my kids after school and I had to cancel Juliana's OT. Needless to say, I was not in a very good mood yesterday.

Fast forward to about 5:30 when I was walking the crowds, and I noticed a little boy that looked just like Noah holding onto the hand of a man holding a little girl who looked like Juliana. My most thoughtful husband had brought the kids up to the soccer game to see me, along with some dinner (McDonald's for Noah's enjoyment- not ours). We sat in the stands and ate dinner together. I didn't eat much because my stomach was starting to hurt. They stayed for a little while and then Ryan took them home to put them to bed.

Around 7:30, I began to feel nauseous, and fortunately I was able to make it the stadium bathroom before I threw up. I thought there was nothing more glamorous than throwing up in the stadium bathroom, but I was wrong. I started to feel better, so I returned to the outside and went to sit in the stands. I began to feel nauseous again, but the bathroom was too far away. Fortunately I was able to make it to a garbage can in time- now there really is nothing more glamorous than that. I threw up one more time, and then finally the game was over and all I had to do was return my walkie talkie and make it to my car. Easier said than done. I made it into the school and fortuantely another garbage can. Two students were kind enough to give me some gum to chew and followed me to the office to make sure I got in and out alright, and a female custodian helped me out of the building.

I drove home breaking the speed limit and running the stop signs in our neighborhood, and ran into the house, thanking God that the bathroom was right by the garage door. Ryan was slightly clueless (and I think annoyed since I didn't kiss him hello) as to why I needed to get into the bathroom so urgently until he heard me throwing up.

Around ten o'clock, Ryan convinced me that I probably wasn't going to stop throwing up any time soon and it would be smart to call in sick to school and write my sub plans and send the kids to Theresa's on Friday so they weren't exposed to me. So, in between trips to and from the bathroom, I conceeded that he was right.

Now, I know that in my previous post I asked for a break, but this wasn't the break I was asking for. I'd like to take my request back now. The ironic thing is that at baby Brendan's birthday party I had mentioned that I hadn't had the stomach flu in about 8 years- funny how words come back to haunt you, isn't it?


  1. Please God, give this woman a her feel better soon and give her a wonderful (relaxing & throw-up free) weekend with her family.

  2. I thought the same thing when you said that about 8 years of no flu! I will not say it, I will not say it! Ryan was so sweet to bring the kids...sorry it ended that way. What is it about Mom connection? Satan must really NOT want you there. Next time, my dear, next time you WILL make it. Feel better...

  3. That was very sweet of Ryan. I hope they sterilized your walkie talkie :) J/K I'm sorry you got that nasty bug. Hopefully God will give you a nice break soon!