Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get Outta My Head!

This week has not been a good one in our house. Our house became the "vomitorium". Ryan & I worked as a team doing laundry, changing sheets, and bathing children until Ryan was taken down by the flu on Monday and then I was on my own on Monday and part of Tuesday until Ryan was feeling better.

Juliana's bout with the flu has been the worst of all four of us, as it has triggered her projectiling again. Unfortunately it isn't her traditional projectiling where she gets the "look" on her face and we can prepare. This projectiling takes place any and everywhere- outside, inside, at the table, playing on the floor. There is no warning, it just happens.

In my last post I mentioned that I am scared about the visit this Friday, well set the terror level to orange now. I am having trouble getting to sleep. Satan has gotten into my head and is whispering all sorts of things into my mind as I try to drift off to sleep, and I can't seem to get him out of there. He's good at it too. It starts the same way every time, telling me that my baby isn't growing- which is kind of true but not totally true- "healthy babies grow, yours isn't growing, so what are you doing wrong?" Then he moves onto other things, "if you loved her more, she would eat," and so on. I know it's ridiculous to believe things like this, and there's a reason he's called the author of lies, but when you are running on empty and are ready to break, it sure makes it hard to fight against the lies that are being planted in your head.

Satan, get outta my head!


  1. Its a lie from the pit of hell! You are a wonderful mama!

  2. You are an inspiring wonderful mama!! Don't listen to his lies!

  3. My good friend calls him "the creep" and that he is! Don't listen to the creeps lies. You are a great mom. We will pray for the doctor visit and will trust in God's goodness.

    Grandma and Grandpa Mahlberg