Sunday, October 31, 2010

Special Visitor...

Earlier in October we had a special guest. Holly came back to visit. Noah was so excited to have her back and I didn't think that Juliana would remember her, but I really think that she did. Unfortunately for Holly, she came just as the stomach flu was making it's way through our family. At the time we thought that everyone was safe and only I had come down with it, but we were grossly mistaken. On Saturday while we were eating dinner, Juliana projectiled at the dinner table. Holly fell right back into the routine from when she lived with us (how sad is that?). She got Noah into the living room while I got Juliana into the bath and Ryan cleaned himself up (he had been holding Juliana at the time). Then Holly helped clean up the projectile. On Monday, Noah and Ryan came down with the stomach flu and Holly helped take care of Noah. Holly's last day with us was on Tuesday, and on Friday I received the text message from her that she had come down with the stomach flu. Poor Holly!


  1. Holly you are a true gift to my daughter's family!

  2. Aww thank you! I hate that everyone was sick, but I am glad I could be there to help. It was amazing seeing you all again!