Sunday, October 31, 2010


For the past few days, Noah has been asking if it was Halloween yet. Ever since he saw "How To Train Your Dragon" back in April he has wanted to be Toothless, the Night Fury. I went on a hunt to find him a costume (I tried to convince him to be Winnie the Pooh again because he still fit into the costume, but that was a bust). I went online to look, but everything was sold out. Not that it mattered, because the smallest size I could find was a size 7 which Noah definitely is not. I finally went into desperation mode at the beginning of the month and went on ebay to get his costume. I found it in 5T, which was still too big, but was close enough and bought it.

Back in August, Jaime and I had gone to Once Upon A Child to get Noah and Liam pants for the fall, and I had found a Tinkerbell costume for $5.50. It was 6-9 months, and secretly I hoped Juliana wouldn't fit into it by Halloween, but I bought it anyways. It fit her perfectly and as soon as we put it on her, she knew how pretty she looked.

After the kids got up from their naps, we got them up and dressed in their layers and costumes. Noah was so excited and Juliana picked up on Noah's excitement. Juliana went to 4 houses with us and then went home to hand out candy with her Daddy, while Noah and I went trick or treating for a little while longer. Noah is not a candy kid, and while he was so excited for Halloween, after 20 minutes he decided he wanted to go home and hand out candy for the rest of the night. So, we went home and emptied out his "pumpkin". He took the candy that he didn't want and added it to the candy bowl that we had by the door to give out. I think Noah had more fun handing out candy and yelling, "Happy Halloween" then he did going up to the houses and saying, "Trick or Treat, please"!

Juliana didn't like coming home from Trick or Treating...


  1. Cute pictures. She makes a beautiful tinkerbell--it does look a little snug...Noah is a very handsome night fury :)