Saturday, May 22, 2010

Discouraged, Again...

Juliana had her doctor's appointment at Children's Memorial (off site) yesterday. For the past few weeks, she had been projectiling on and off. I had a feeling that this visit might not be a good one. I was right.

The last time Juliana saw this doctor was April 2. She weighed 16 lbs. As of yesterday, her weight was the same 16 lbs. I was glad that she hadn't lost any weight, but I started to worry about what the doctor was going to think and suggest.

Let's just say he was not happy in the least about her weight. After a short visit with me, he told he would be "right back". We waited...and waited...and weighted. I sent a text to my dad and to Ryan letting them know that the doctor wasn't happy. Finally, the doctor came back.

He wanted us to see another specialist (I think that's doctor #6 at this point). The reason it had taken him so long to come back to the room, was because he had called the doctor and left her a message that he wanted Juliana seen ASAP. Not being satisified with just a message, he then sent her an email saying the same thing. He told me that he wanted to get this doctor's insight before he made the decision to put Juliana on a feeding tube.

A feeding tube. He explained to me that she wasn't getting enough calories to sustain herself. The more he talked, the sadder and angrier I became. In my head I was screaming obsentity after obscentity, and they included all of the words I rarely use. I don't want my little girl on a feeding tube.

So that is where we stand right now... on the brink of a feeding tube or no feeding tube. Insert swear word here...


  1. I'm sorry Jenna, that just really sucks! We'll keep praying for you guys--that's all we can do.

  2. I think you need to get a punching bag and some good gloves (or whatever they're called). You would also need a mouth piece. Then, you could mumble whatever you wanted and no one would even care! I am so sorry! Did the other Dr. ever get back to your primary?

  3. Screaming and angry right along with you...they can put people on the moon but can't get a little girl to eat...Help us Jesus! Love MOM