Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Projects...

For Noah's 1st-3rd birthdays, we have never really gotten him a gift. We would get him something to open on his birthday, like a book or a train, but for the most part we wouldn't get him anything. For Juliana's 1st birthday, we didn't get her anything either. Why? You might ask. We have been putting money aside to build them a jungle gym.

Last weekend, Ryan enlisted Uncle Bill and Uncle Jeff to help build them a jungle gym. Aunt Jenny, being the awesome person that she is, brought lunch to our house and then hung out with me and the kids while the boys worked.

They didn't finish the jungle gym on the first day, but they got most of the work that required more than one person done. I didn't need to help Ryan too much on the next day, although he did give me a pretty good bruise on my shoulder. This weekend, Ryan was able to finish building it. I think it turned out really nice, and Noah has enjoyed playing on it the past 2 days.


  1. Looks good! And fun! Congrats on getting that done! I have an aunt who says that every parent should have to put together a jungle gym at some point. Hmmm.... We put one together about two weeks ago too. I still have a few bruises! I'm sure you kids will have lots of good fun on it.

  2. Can I go in the tower and play dragon?