Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holly and Graduation...

Dear Holly,

In a little less than seven hours, you and I will walk out onto the football field with the rest of your classmates. We will sit and bake in the sun; you in your blue and white gown, and me in my black gown with my even hotter hood on (why do we have to wear polyester?!?). We will listen to various speeches given by the principal, classmates, and the chosen staff member (I still can't believe I was a finalist, what were you guys thinking?!?). We will stand up row by row and applaud as each name is called to receive a diploma, and cry when they recognize Eric's family and we remember that he is not with us anymore. Then, we will all file out of the stadium and back into the field house where chaos will ensue. Graduates will turn in their gowns and receive their actual diplomas, and staff members will hang out to hand back whatever we held onto (or confiscated) from our assigned row of students. In the chaos that will ensue, classmates will be hugging each other, crying, and saying things like, "keep in touch," or "see you at the party later"!

To me it will be bittersweet, because while I know it is time for you to be back with your family, it will still be hard to let you go. Holly, you have been such a blessing to our family, and there is no way we could possibly thank you for all you have done for us these past 2 months. When you leave us tomorrow, there will be a definite void in our family.

We love you, Holly. Congratulations!

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  1. We are all so thankful for the time Holly spent with your family, and ours! You will always be a princess to us and especially Rori!